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Zidni Institute Arabic Program

Our Arabic programs include live and recorded courses. The Summer Intensive will be starting on July 7th, with more courses coming soon inshallah.

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Live Classes

Live instruction, conversation practice, and questions.

Tested Curriculum

We will use the al-Arabiya Bayna Yadayk curriculum, used to teach Arabic to thousands of students, along with classical texts in Grammar and other sciences.

Focus on practicing Arabic

The best way to learn Arabic is not starting with theoretical grammar rules. Rather, our initial focus is on vocabulary and basic conversation.

100% Online Teaching

Learn from the comfort of your home! With class prep, memorization tips, and homework and quizzes.

Our courses

7 Month Arabic Intensive

Starting in Fall 2023, this course is for dedicated students who wish to go from beginner to intermediate level in a short period of time. With 6 hours a week of instruction, we will cover portions of: (Al-Arabiyya Bayn Yadayk), a trusted Arabic curriculum, and (Stories of the Prophets) by Abul-Hasan An-Nadwi, followed by full courses in Nahw (grammar) and Sarf (Morphology). We will then end with implantation of these rules on the Quran, along with reading classical works of scholars.  All this will be complemented by speaking practice and vocabulary memorization.

One Month Summer Intensive

Starting in Summer 2023, this new course will be 6 hours a week, for one month.  This course will cover Stories of the Prophets by Abul-Hasan An-Nadwi, along with easy introductions to Nahw (grammar) and Sarf (Morphology). All this will be complemented by speaking practice and vocabulary memorization. This is a great course to get a jump start on your Arabic learning. 

Arabic at your own pace

Coming soon, this recorded program will cover portions of:

Al-Arabiyya Bayn Yadayk, a trusted Arabic curriculum,

Stories of the Prophets by Abul-Hasan An-Nadwi,

Easy introductions to Nahw (grammar) and Sarf (Morphology), followed by full courses in these subjects.

Readings of Arabic books, progressing from easy to difficult level works,

 Live office hours for questions and practice, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further questions, please email us and we will try to respond promptly.


what are the prerequisites for this program?

This program is for a hard working student who is dedicated to preparing before class, attending live classes, and doing the necessary homework. Students must already know how to read and write the Arabic alphabet, and ideally have some basic familiarity with Arabic.


When does it start, and what is the cost?

The cohort of 2022 is currently full, and starting dates for 2023 will be announced soon.

Tuition will be: $1600 for the entire 7 month program (installments are available), and $380 for the one month summer intensive.


Who is the instructor?

The teacher will be Yousef Hussin. He has studied in Egypt and has a degree from the Islamic University of Minnesota, and Shatibiyya Institute – Jeddah. He holds an ijaza in Quran from Sh. Waleed al-Meneese and Sh. Sherzad Tahir. He served as the Imam of Masjid Annur in Sacramento, CA for 6 years. 


What is the Method of teaching?

Classes will be held live Monday – Thursday. Class timing will be based on majority of students request. Recordings will be provided after classes. Classes will, in Sha Allah, grow progressively more immersive in usage of Arabic, and students will be able to practice conversation.


What will be taught in the Program?

We will focus on students advancing in their comprehension and speech, followed by delving into Nahw and Sarf using short texts (matn). Students will also be reading and memorizing selected texts.


Is this program is for me?

 If you are not sure about your level, tuition, the class times don’t work for you, or have any other concerns, feel free to contact us below and we will  will respond promptly. 

This course was a perfect intro to Arabic. Upon completion, I was more confident in my speaking, listening, and comprehension skills. I can listen to khutbas and read Quran with far greater understanding Alhumdulillah


Previous student 2022

I have never been able to make an online Arabic course work for me except this one. Alhamdulilah I can feel the difference in my knowledge of the Arabic language, and my comprehension has vastly increased as well. I recommend this course to anyone who is seeking the keys to Islamic knowledge. MashAllah!


Previous student - 2022

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